The Wheel of Life

A Work / Life Balance Self-Assessment Tool

The Wheel of Life is a simple self-assessment tool that can give you a visual look at the areas in your life that you are neglecting and where you are doing well. It’s a common tool used by life coaches to help define the priorities for their clients. I use it as a personal self-assessment tool to gauge how I am doing within my key areas of focus.

Stone wheel object as an early invention of the prehistoric era and ancient symbol of technology and innovation designed by a caveman on a white background.

The Brand You 50 : Fifty Ways To Transform Yourself From An “Employee” Into A Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and Passion

This book was an inspiration for me very early in my career. It was written by the legendary business guru Tom Peters in classic Tom Peters style.

Here’s a snippet of the inside front cover formatted as it appears in the book:

From “employee” to Brand You

Brand You … Routinely asks the Question: WHO AM I? / WHAT DO I WANT TO BE

Brand You … Pursues Mastery of _something!_ / Has something important to say! (and knows _how_ to say it)

Brand You … Does the work that matters 100% of the time

Brand You … Does Work Worth Paying For!


Brand You … Pays close attention to Personal Packaging (a.k.a Design)

Brand You … Grooves on “Selling” and has a Compelling Sales Proposition!

Brand You … Selects Clients v-e-r-y carefully / Rejects Clients who are a bad match

Brand You … Is a Rolodex Maniac / Networks Like Crazy!

Brand You … Develops and then zealously guards a Reputation for Trustworthiness and Integrity!

Brand You … Is a “Renewal Fanatic” / Cultivates curiosity / Takes every opportunity to learn s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g new!

As you can see by the example above, Tom Peters has a very interesting style of writing. You definitely feel the passion that he has for his message.

Even though there are some dated references (i.e. Rolodex) this book is filled with gems of knowledge that, as stated in the subtitle, will help you transform yourself from an “Employee” into a brand that shouts distinction, commitment and passion!

This is a book is a must read for anyone that is serious about taking their career to the next level.

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My Morning Routine

And how to make the most of yours

Everyday I get up just after 5am. I meditate for 25 minutes and then exercise for another 25 minutes. I spend another 25 min journaling and select the 3 actions for the day that will move me toward my goals. I will then spend the rest of my early morning time learning something new. Perhaps reading a good book, watching a TED talk or completing a module in an online course.


“Once you find your why, you will be able to find your way.” How do those things differ? Why is your purpose. Way is your path. When you find your why, your path automatically has purpose.

John C Maxwell
Intentional Living

Find Your Why

Why is matters and how to find yours

In my research I’ve discovered that people with purpose are more satisfied with their lives, get more done in the areas that matter most, make a greater positive impact on the people around them, and actually live longer, healthier lives. Wouldn’t we all want some of that?

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