The Secret Sauce of Mindful Leadership

My family and I love BBQ Ribs. When summer hits we have a tradition where we attend a number of the Rib Festivals (aka Rib Fest) in the area. We enjoy sampling the various recipes trying to find the perfect rib sauce.

Each vendor claims that their rib sauce is the best. Their goal during the festival is to win the coveted “Best Rib Sauce” trophy.

The recipes for these rib sauces are a closely guarded secret. The challenge is trying to figure out what the secret ingredients that are in the best rib sauces.

And just like rib sauce, there is a secret ingredient to Leadership.

The secret behind Mindful Leadership is that you approach each and every single day with the mindful intention of becoming a better version of you.

The usual question that I get at this time is … That’s great Ron, where do I start?

So Where Should You Start?

Within the subject of Leadership, it can be very challenging to decide on where to start as there are many thoughts on what Leadership should be … some of these include Character, Influence, Results, Creditability and Responsibility.

While there are many different opinions on what ingredients should go into the secret sauce of Leadership, almost everyone agrees that Leadership Development is Self Development.

Tony Robbins calls it CANI – Constant and Never-ending Improvement.

I like to call it Kaizen, which in Japanese simply means “change for better”, and is a term that has been embraced by many western business Leaders as a practice of continuous improvement.

You need to embrace the idea that as long as your are learning, you are practicing Leadership. And the moment you stop improving, level out, and think you know it all, then you have stopped practicing Leadership.

So you want to start by looking for ways that you can improve yourself.

Your Mindful Leadership Action

When was the best time to plant a tree? 20 Years ago.

When is the second best time? Today!

Since Leadership Development is Self Development, a great action is to identify 5 things your want to improve about yourself.

It’s best to keep things simple. Start with the sentence, I would like to get better at … [and fill in the rest].

Simply repeat until you have identified 5 things you would like to improve.

When I complete this exercise I rarely stop at just 5 things I want to improve.

The list usually ends up with somewhere between 10 and 20 items.

It’s at this point that I will review the list and highlight the top 5, focusing in on the items that will provide the greatest benefit.

Get Learning!

Now that you have a prioritized list of things you want to improve it’s now time to create your learning plan.

I usually find that I’ve already started to form a plan in my mind on how to improve one (or more) of these things.

Perhaps it’s to read a book, change a habit or take a course.

Whatever comes to mind, make sure you take action today.

If you are looking for that little push of motivation, you can share your learning plan in the comments section below.

It’s amazing what happens when you declare your intention with the world.

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