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5 apps that I use to manage my personal productivity workflow

There are two ways to manage your personal productivity workflow.

You can go old-school and use paper lists, a personal planner, file folders and storage cabinets or go completely digital.

Over the past few years I’ve been transitioning to digital.

I’ve experimented with a number of various tools to manage my email, calendar, to-do list, reference materials and personal projects.

Here are the digital tools that I currently use with links:

1) Email – AirMail

For email I use AirMail. This great app allows me to effectively manage my multiple email inboxes. I use it on all my Apple devices including my MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad.

macOS iPhone iPad


2) Calander – Fantastical

For my calendar I use Fantastical. The nice design of this app allows me to manage my multiple calendars and those of my family. It’s available for macOS, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

macOS iPhone iPad


3) To-do List – Nozbe

I’ve tried many to-do list management apps over the years. The best one that I’ve found is Nozbe. Nozbe allows me to manage tasks across multiple projects and context. My favourite feature is the ability to apply more then one context tag to each task, which is a limitation that I’ve found in other apps. Nozbe is available for macOS, iOS, Windows and Android.



4) Reference – Evernote

In an effort to go as paperless as possible, the app that I’ve come to rely on is Evernote. This great app lets me store all my reference material in the cloud for later use. I even have a scanner that scans everything directly to Evernote. Evernote is available for macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and via the web.



5) Projects – Goalscape

There are many project management apps available on the market. The one that I use consistently is Goalscape. This clever design shows project tasks as part of a pie graph. I’ve been using Goalscape to manage my personal goals and projects. Overall I’m quite pleased with the tool. I currently use the standalone desktop version of the app. There is a web version available for team collaboration. Goalscape is available for macOS and windows.



What tools do you use to manage your personal productivity workflow?

Share your favourite apps in the comments below.

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