The Official Launch of My #careerhacks

The purpose of this blog is to share some of the best career success tips, strategies, processes, rules, advice, tactics and habits that I’ve collected and tested over the years.

I will be referring to this collection as my career hacks. I’m calling them career hacks to satisfy my inner geek (and because it sounds cool).

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I’m going to setup a number of sub-groups / categories within #careerhacks including:


This thing called a career can be a little overwhelming. #starthere is meant to provide a launching point to dive in. Whether you are a just beginning your career or you’re a seasoned professional, this section will have everything you need to get you started.


One of the most popular career topics out there, #jobsearch will highlight the best of the best. Expect to see posts on how to find work quickly in any job market.


To get the the #nextlevel in your career you will need to invest in yourself. This topic will cover all the skills and strategies that you need to add to your learning plan that will take your career to the #nextlevel. One of my next projects is to publish my accelerated learning strategy, So you can expect to see a number of posts in this category.


I think there are too many people that have settled for a mediocre career. In this category I will cover what it means to connect with your purpose and do work that matters.


You might call it work / life balance or maybe lifestyle design. I will be using the hashtag #worklife to explore how you can achieve balance across your personal and professional lives.


I will use the hashtag #trends to cover all those emerging career, industry and technology trends that will impact how we work.


The topic has been a favourite of mine for most of my career. I have a number of opinions about how to build a solid reputation and plan on sharing these using the #brandyou category.


Another one of my favourite topics (that I also have a strong opinion about) is productivty. There’s a lot of information available about productivity and time management, some really good, some not so much. Expect to see a lot of #productivity #rants in the future.


So many of us overcomplicate #strategy. I hope to help simplify this for you as we work together to create and implement effective strategies for success.


This is probably the most important category that will take your career to the next level. I will cover the basics with #mindset and I might even share some of my #brainrules.


It’s not all work and no play. I will share things that amuse me (and hopefully amuse you) under the category #just4fun.


I have strong opinions about both #leadership and #management. I believe that #leadership happens regardless of level and that #management is about developing people. I will cover both of these topics using the hashtag #beingboss. Expect to see a lot posts using this tag in the future.


The art of influence is all about effective communication. In this category I will cover everything from email, phone, texting, one on one’s, meetings and presentations to deliver your message and make an impact.


Building and maintaining an effective professional network is essential to your career success and is not as hard as you may think. I will be using the #networking category to cover the future of reputation management.


In the #projects category I will share everything that your project management certification (PMP) won’t tell you about implementing projects in the real world.

#quotes, #news, #recommend, #app4that & #rants

Sprinkled throughout each of the main categories I will be using these tags to highlight specific areas of interest.

Based on this list you can tell that I’m passionate about this topic and I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking this through.

Through this effort of sharing all of these #careerhacks I hope to be able to add some value and that it will not only help you navigate your career, it will accelerate your progress.

If you have a specific question or idea feel free to share it in the comments section below or email me directly through the contact page.

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