Know Your Value

How to greatly enhance your value and earning potential

Early in my career, I was inspired by the legendary business guru Tom Peters to view my career as a one-person business. In one my favourite books, The Brand You 50 : Fifty Ways To Transform Yourself From An “Employee” Into A Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and Passion, he touts “YOU ARE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE!”. I like to refer to this strategy as ME Inc.

When I started viewing my career as a business, I began to notice things that I was missing as an “employee”. I became aware of how my work directly related to the bottom line of the organization. This insight allowed me to make some minor adjustments to my work habits that greatly enhanced my value. I was rewarded for this effort through raises and promotions. In turn, I was able to triple my income in just a few short years.

When you begin to view your career through the lens of ME Inc., you can expect to see a number benefits including:

  • You move away from being a reactive employee
  • You move toward being a proactive leader
  • You take control and begin to shape your career
  • You bring purpose and meaning to your work
  • You play an active role in developing your skills
  • You build self-confidence and self-worth
  • You clearly identify who you help (your customer)
  • You build a reputation of delivering value
  • You create leverage and influence over your boss
  • You discover the connection between the value you provide and how you get paid
  • You build an effective support system that helps you deliver your best work
  • You significantly increase your earning potential
  • You give yourself a distinct advantage over your peers (aka competition) because very few people apply the power of ME Inc.

A great resource to help you apply ME Inc. thinking to your career is Business Model You. This book will help you view your career through the eyes of a CEO and help you understand your current business model. More importantly, this will guide you through a process of improving your business model so that you can experience the benefits outlined above.

If you are interested in achieving any or all of the benefits outlined above, you have a couple of options:

1) Self-Guided: I highly encourage you to get a copy of the book Business Model You and begin working through the exercises. If you are good at working on your own, the book is an excellent guide.

Business Model You

2) Group Mastermind: Several times a year, I take a group of people through the entire process over 5 sessions. If you enjoy leveraging the experience and knowledge of working in a group, you can find out more about this option here:

ME Inc. Workshop

Regardless of which option you choose – self-guided or group mastermind – when you begin to apply ME Inc. thinking to your career, you will greatly enhance your value and earning potential.

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