The Brand You 50 : Fifty Ways To Transform Yourself From An “Employee” Into A Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and Passion

This book was an inspiration for me very early in my career. It was written by the legendary business guru Tom Peters in classic Tom Peters style.

Here’s a snippet of the inside front cover formatted as it appears in the book:

From “employee” to Brand You

Brand You … Routinely asks the Question: WHO AM I? / WHAT DO I WANT TO BE

Brand You … Pursues Mastery of _something!_ / Has something important to say! (and knows _how_ to say it)

Brand You … Does the work that matters 100% of the time

Brand You … Does Work Worth Paying For!


Brand You … Pays close attention to Personal Packaging (a.k.a Design)

Brand You … Grooves on “Selling” and has a Compelling Sales Proposition!

Brand You … Selects Clients v-e-r-y carefully / Rejects Clients who are a bad match

Brand You … Is a Rolodex Maniac / Networks Like Crazy!

Brand You … Develops and then zealously guards a Reputation for Trustworthiness and Integrity!

Brand You … Is a “Renewal Fanatic” / Cultivates curiosity / Takes every opportunity to learn s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g new!

As you can see by the example above, Tom Peters has a very interesting style of writing. You definitely feel the passion that he has for his message.

Even though there are some dated references (i.e. Rolodex) this book is filled with gems of knowledge that, as stated in the subtitle, will help you transform yourself from an “Employee” into a brand that shouts distinction, commitment and passion!

This is a book is a must read for anyone that is serious about taking their career to the next level.

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Business Model You : A One Page Method for Reinventing Your Career

Business Model You is the ideal book if you are looking to learn the fundamentals of business and how apply to them to your personal brand.

Mr. Clark defines a business model as simply the logic by when an organization sustains itself financially. Once you understand this principle, and apply it to your situation, you greatly enhance your earning potential.

This book is ideal for the employee going through a career transition or looking to take their current job to the next level. It will also help the the solo-preneur that is just starting out or looking to enhance their personal brand.

I know that when I started viewing my career as a business, I began to notice things that I was missing as an “employee”. I became aware of how my work directly related to the bottom line of the organization. This insight allowed me to make some minor adjustments to my work habits that greatly enhanced my value. I was rewarded for this effort through raises and promotions. In turn, I was able to triple my income in just a few short years.

I now use the Business Model Canvas from Business Model You with my coaching clients to help them discover the connection between the value they provide and how they get paid. This is a huge insight for most people and when applied effectively translates directly to the bottom line.

If you are good working on your own, then this book is an excellent guide to help you learn the fundamentals of business and how apply to them to your personal brand.

Several times a year, I take a group of people through the entire process over 5 sessions. If you enjoy leveraging the experience and knowledge of working in a group, you can find out more about this option here.

Regardless of which option you choose – self-guided or group mastermind – when you begin to apply business model thinking to your career, you will give yourself a distinct advantage over your peers (aka competition) because very few people apply the power of business model thinking.

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Know Your Value

How to greatly enhance your value and earning potential

Early in my career, I was inspired by the legendary business guru Tom Peters to view my career as a one-person business. In one my favourite books, The Brand You 50 : Fifty Ways To Transform Yourself From An “Employee” Into A Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and Passion, he touts “YOU ARE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE!”. I like to refer to this strategy as ME Inc.