Meditation made simple

I’ve tried a number of meditation apps and my favourite is Calm.

Calm is free to download and they have a great 7 day meditation course that you can try out.

There is also a couple of guided meditations and sleep programs that are free to try.

I highly recommend upgrading to a 1 year subscription.

I’ve gone through all of the guided meditations and they are fantastic!

I really like that you can change the background sounds (my favourite is Flying About The Clouds) and they are many to choose from.

They makers of Calm are constantly improving the app and releasing more content.

For my daily meditation routine, I listen to the Daily Calm (a 10 min daily meditation lesson) followed by at 15 min timed mediation.

I also like that the app keeps track of your meditation stats including longest streak, time mediating and total sessions.

The app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

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